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   The University currently maintains the following sports facilities. The outdoor facilities include a four-hundred meter track eclosing a sports field commonly used as a soccer pitch, volleyball courts, basketball courts, baseball field and tennis courts. Indoor facilities include the gym (with basketball and volleyball courts), swimming pool, table tennis room, dance classroom, judo classroom, physical training room, badminton courts and tennis courts. All facilities are used for educational and training purposes, for competitive events, and for recreational activities. Following is an overview of regulations governing the use of facilities:

The University's sports facilities are primarily for physical education activities, and priority is given to physical education and sports team training.

Rental of facilities by groups both within and outside the University requires approval by the PEO and completion of rental procedures.

During use, each facility's terms of use should be adhered to, and the facility should be maintained in a clean and orderly condition.
  4. Smoking, excessive noise, chewing gum, and drinks (except plain water) are strictly prohibited in indoor facilities.

Firecrackers, fireworks, smoking, chewing gum, and drinks (excepting water) are strictly prohibited in outdoor facilities. Motor vehicles are not allowed entry.

When the swimming pool is open for access, tickets must be purchased to enter. Access to the badminton courts, tennis courts, and physical training room during member usage times requires a permit, which provides access to the specified facility based on the order in which users have registered.

Activities of the following type are not allowed:
(1) Those that damage the University's reputation or negatively affect public welfare.
(2) Those that may damage any buildings, facilities or equipment.
(3) Commercial events.
(4) Other activities deemed unsuitable for the facility.

The University has the right to terminate use of a facility in the event of failure to comply with regulations or refusal to adhere to the facility's terms of use even after being directed to do so.
 Use of the physical training room, badminton courts, tennis courts, or swimming pool require a permit.

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