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  °@The Physical Education Office (PEO) was formed in November of 1996. There are three divisions: a division of teaching and research development, a division of sports activity extension, and a division of sports facility management. With this structure, we promote students°¶ interests in sports by physical education, school-wide sports competitions, group training of varsity sports team, intercollegiate physical activities, and physical fitness testing. We also cultivate lifelong habits of regular exercise in students, satisfy students°¶ needs for physical activity, promote personal health, physical fitness and quality of life, and make exercise a common habit on campus.
  Our objectives are as follows:

To help students to develop the basic motor ability, to learn sports skills, and to cultivate necessary skills for physical activity participation.

To help students to improve professional sports knowledge, to establish correct concept of physical education, and to cultivate positive attitude and knowledge in physical activity participation.

To help students to gain physical ability, to increase the endurance during exercise, and to balance the development of their body and mind.

To help students to inspire the interests in sport, to experience the pleasure and effects of exercise, and to cultivate habits for regular exercise.

To help students to cultivate sports morals, to improve harmonious relationship with others, and to develop good social behaviors.
  6. To fulfill the sports facilities in school.
  7. To implement student's Physical Fitness Test.
  °@The school-wide field day, which all faculty and staff, students, and family dependants take part in, the Freshman Cup, interclass championship, inter-departmental competitions, and Mei-chu Game, which are several kinds of sports participated by students, and President Cup and Tsing-hua Cup, which faculty and staff partake in, show flourishing sports climate. All of the activities above have been the characteristics of physical activities in our university for a long time. To possess health body and energetic physical strength to be the backup for science research is always the objectives of Physical Education Office. We wish to establish a more integrated and more comfortable learning environment for physical education activities, and we wish all teachers and students can enjoy exercise and improve the quality of life at the same time.

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